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    Air operated double diaphragm pump abbreviation is AODD Pumps. Pump materials are stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene (PP), cast steel. We are air operated diaphragm pump manufacturers in China; The pump diameter have 3/8″ 1/2″ 1″ 1.5″ 2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ inch;

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    Aodd pumps Overview:

    Air operated double diaphragm pump power source is air compressor. Pump materials are cast steel, aluminum, stainless steel (SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L), polypropylene (PP/plastic), PVDF; Diaphragm materials are Santoprene, Teflon; Please note: It is important to choose the right materials for different liquids. If you are first time to buy aodd pump, please browse how to choose air operated diaphragm pump. Maybe it will help you.

    Pump is widely used in spraying, ceramics, waste water, environmental protection, chemical industry and other fields. Used to transfer sewage, corrosive liquid, liquid with particles; High viscosity, volatile and other liquids.

    The following will introduce the model and flow data of the pump. Please choose the appropriate model and tell us the material of the pump, and we will provide you with the price.

    Diaphragm pump Model Meaning:

    For example:
    AODD: Air operated diaphragm pump
    EODD: Electric operated double diaphragm pump
    25:1″ ; 1inch ; 25mm

    Air operated diaphragm pump data table:

    ModelCalibre SIZEMax.Flow(L/min)Max.Head(M)Outlet pressure(bar)Air inlet size 
    AODD-1010 mm (3/8″)227071/4″
    AODD-1515 mm(1/2″)227071/4″
    AODD-2020 mm (3/4″)577071/4″
    AODD-2525 mm (1″)577071/4″
    AODD-25A25 mm (1″)116848.41/2″
    AODD-3232 mm (1.2″)151848.41/2″
    AODD-4040 mm (1.5″)151848.41/2″
    AODD-40A40 mm (1.5″)378.5848.41/2″
    AODD-5050 mm (2″)378.5848.41/2″
    AODD-6565 mm (2.5″)378.5848.41/2″
    AODD-50A50 mm (2″)586848.41/2″
    AODD-8080 mm (3″)586848.41/2″
    AODD-100100 mm (4″)586848.41/2″
    AODD-80A80 mm (3″)1041848.43/4″
    AODD-125125 mm (5″)1041848.43/4″
    Pump material: cast steel, aluminum, stainless steel 304/316/316L, polypropylene,PVDF
    Please note: AODD-40A/50A/80A only have metal material (SG iron, Stainless steel SS304 SS316L,).

    Superiorities Of KEMAI Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

    • Fluid Compatibility: The case material provided includes stainless steel, cast steel, polypropylene,aluminum alloy and so on.
    • Reasonable Sealed Design: Diaphragm could be tightly located and it causes positive liquid sealing effect in pressure-stip forming.
    • Heavy Diaphragm Plate: Clamping reliable diaphragm plate can eliminate any leakage and drop and avoid expensive stop operation time.
    • Long-effect Value Rod Design: The stainless valve rod has a longer working lift and it has a good anti-corrosion function even in humid air condition.
    • Easy to position: Bolt connected, self-positioning air and fluid parts.
    • Selection of Elastic Material: Various selections of valve seats and valve balls can ensure the fluid compatibility and reliable sealing which can improve efficiency,long working life and suction lift.

    KEMAI AODD Pumps Design

    • Unique-patent Air Valve: It adopts pilot-type air valve which can eliminate the problem of shut-down , no need to open internal cavity for the replacement of all parts and to lubricate air.
    • Convenient Maintenance: It can reduce the waste of resources by lower inner capacity and is easy to clean; stainless bolt can resist corrosion and provide reasonable position which is convenient to reassemble.
    • Precisely art Located Parts: Wear-resisting end step bearing ensures the correct position of valve rod and is easy to replace.
    • Compact External Structure: The structure is anti-corrosion,anti-leakage and easy to be cleaned and color-changed. Dipped parts and air cavity after the special process treatment can endure risk in the bad operation environment.
    • Protected Drain Outlet: All the drain outlet uses one common port , this way can prevent internal vapor form corroded by sealed element of air motor. It is good to idle function during the operation of loading or unloading storage tank.

    System Drawing Of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

    A:Air supply line
    B:copper ball vale
    C:Air regulator
    D:Air pipe quick connector
    E:leak-type cooper ball valve
    F:Air line filter
    T:Air exhaust hose
    U:Container for air exhaust

    How to Installation Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump?

    (1).Drainage of water (filter):

    Two types of drainage:automatic pressure filter and manual drainage.
    Manual drainage:Water must be drained before the water level reaches the bottom of the filter holder.

    (2).Pressure regulation(regulator):

    Pull first and rotate the rotary knob,and then push the rotary knob for the position.
    Rotate knob clockwise to increase outlet pressure,and rotate anticlockwise to lower outlet pressure.
    Pressure should be gradually and evenly raised to the required value.
    Pressure range:0.5~8.5kg/cm.Working pressure<1.0MPa.


    Some parts are made of PC(polycarbonate)material,which are forbidden being used close to or in an organic solvent environment.As to PC glass cleaning. please use a mild cleaning agent.
    Do not use pressure over its bearing capacity.
    The filter should be replaced while the outlet air flow was significantly reduced.


    • Air operated double diaphragm pump can pump fluid liquids and dry powders, also some other mediums which usually hard to flow.It takes advantages over some transportation machines,such as self-priming pump,submerged pump,shielding pump,slurry pump,and impurity pump.
    • No need to fill in water
    • Working environment temperature:50-65℃;transmission medium temperature:-20-150℃.
    • It can work without electricity and be safe and reliable in inflammable and explosive conditions.
    • Simple structure,less vulnerable parts.The pump ouns a simple design and be come easier to install and mantain.The pumped medium doesn’t contact with moving parts such as air-distributing valve and link rod,so the performance will not go worse with the abrasion of rotors,pistons,gears and vanes as other types of pumps.
    • Pump the viscous liquids(viscosity below 10,000 cps).

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