AODD-25 1 Inch Diaphragm Pump


1 inch diaphragm pump aodd-25
Max.Flow15GPM (57LPM)
Max.Working Pressure100psi (0.7Mpa, 7bar)
Fluid Inlet Size1 inch
Fluid Outlet Size1 inch
Air Inlet Size1/4 inch
Max.Suction Height(dry suction)15ft (4.5M)
Max.Permitted Grain3/32 inch (2.5mm)
Max.Air Consumption12.7 scfm
Every Reciprocating Flow0.04 gal (0.15L)
Max.Reciprocating Speed400 cpm

Pump material:Cast steel,Aluminum,PP (polypropylene), Stainless steel, PVDF.

If you think this 1 inch diaphragm pump flow is small, you can choose the model AOD-25A. AOD-25A flow is large, pump inlet and outlet is also 1 inch. AODD-25A only have metal material (Aluminum, stainless steel, cast steel).

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AODD-125 Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 5 Inch

Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size:5 inch(125 mm); Max.Flow:275GPM (1041L/min);Max.Head: 8.4bar (84m); Air Inlet Size: 3/4 inch;Pump material:Cast steel,Aluminum,PP (polypropylene), Stainless steel (SS304 SS 316, SS 316L), PVDF,PTFE.

AODD-80A 3 Inch Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Fluid Inlet/Outlet Size:3 inch(80 mm); Max.Flow:150GPM (568L/min);Max.Head: 8.4bar (84m); Air Inlet Size: 3/4 inch;Pump material: (SG Iron, Stainless steel SS 304, SS 316L)