How to choose air operated diaphragm pump ?

    Many customers will be confused in diaphragm pump selection,How to choose a suitable air operated diaphragm pump ? There are many factors to consider: Including aodd pump material, flow, particle size, temperature, liquid viscosity and so on. We will answer the question from a professional perspective.

    Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Material

    First determine the pump body material, Material have: cast steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic PP polypropylene, PVDF. According to the nature of the liquid to choose.

    Corrosive liquids depend on the degree of corrosion,Choose stainless steel, plastic, or PVDF. Refer to the corrosion parameter list of materials. If you are not sure of the characteristics of the liquid, it is recommended that the pump material be the same as the pipeline.

    Select the model size of the diaphragm pump,You can choose according to the flow or caliber. Pneumatic diaphragm pump is positive displacement pump, Low shearing of material. But fluid including particles can be transferred.

    Corrosion parameter list of materials

    Anti-Corrosion Parameter List Of Wetted Parts

    ● means OK

    The name of the liquidAluminumStainless steelPolypropylenePVDF
    Ammonium chloride 
    Linseed oil  
    Ammonia liquid
    Sulfurous solution  
    Ethylene glycol
    Liquefied petroleum gas    
    Zinc chloride 
    Alkane chloride (dry)  
    Hydrogen chloride gas (dry)  
    Copper chloride (dry)  
    Sodium chloride 
    Nickel chloride  
    Barium chloride  
    Magnesium chloride 
    Methylene chloride  
    Chloride (dry)   
    Oleic acid   
    Gasoline (refined) 
    Gasoline (Crude) 
    A sodium chloride   
    Fruit juice  
    Sodium perborate 
    Xylene/mixed Xylene 
    Acetic acid  
    The essential oil 
    Citric acid  
    Ethylene glycol
    Cresyl acid  
    Chloromethane (dry)  
    Sodium silicate 
    Corn oil
    Acetic acid 
    Isopropyl acetate 
    Isobutyl acetate 
    Acetic acid ethyl ester 
    Calcium acetate   
    Acetic acid ethyl ester 
    Sugarcane syrup
    Sugar beet
    Potassium cyanide 
    Sodium cyanide (dilute) 
    Oxalic acid 
    Silicone oil 
    Engine fuel 
    Fatty acids 
    Sharpening stone acid
    Nitric acid  
    Aluminum nitrate 
    Ammonium nitrate  
    Zinc nitrate 
    Potassium nitrate
    Calcium nitrate 
    Ferric nitrate 
    Sodium nitrate
    Magnesium nitrate 
    Hydrated lime  
    Vegetable oil 
    The calcium nitrate 
    Ming acid potassium 
    Sodium bicarbonate
    Stearic acid 
    Butyl stearate  
    Ammonium hydroxide 


    If the liquid viscosity is relatively large, you should choose a larger pump.Because the pneumatic diaphragm pump flow data from the clean water detection.Greater viscosity of liquid, the smaller the flow. Conveyor high temperature or low temperature liquid, must pay attention to the diaphragm and ball valve, ball seat material.For example, Teflon diaphragm has good corrosion resistance, but poor high temperature resistance.

    Transport of food grade liquid, should choose stainless steel food grade pneumatic diaphragm pump. Because the food grade pump is easy to disassemble and clean. The ordinary pneumatic diaphragm pump from the design can not meet the requirements of health.

    Integrate the above content: first determine the pump flow, liquid viscosity, density.Diaphragm pump data are water test results.If the liquid viscosity is large, please choose a large type of pump.